Sunday, November 25, 2012

True Colors: Kristin Hannah

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Main Characters: 
- Dallas: hired as a helping hand around the Gray's farm

- Vivi Ann Grey: free sprited, always believed in true love
- Winona Grey: successful lawyer, goal was to always please her father

- Aurora Grey: the mediator, thinks things through

- Henry Grey: cares about what the town thinks of him and his family 
- Cat Morgan: trouble
- Luke: Winona's "friend"

The Grey Sisters (Vivi Ann, Winnona, and Aurora) have always been close sisters. Throughout their journey they each have their own struggles. Winnona constantly longs for her father to be proud of her. Aurora is involved in an unhappy marriage and Vivi Ann falls in love with a less than ideal partner. Do their own struggles tear their sisterly bond apart? Does Winnona ever please her father? Will Aurora be forever stuck in an unhappy marriage? Is Vivi Ann being lead astray?

Whose true colors will show?

Risa's Review
Well I didn't cry at this book! Haha It was another great book! Like Kristin Hannah's other book you just get so emersed in the setting and characters you feel as though it is all very true. Read this book if you are looking for twists and turns.

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