Thursday, December 6, 2012

Left Neglected: Lisa Genova

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Main Characters:

- Bob: Sarah's husband; career driven; supportive 
- Sarah: Career driven; mother of three  
- Sarah's Mother 

Pages: 336


Sarah had everything. Great job, supportive husband and a full and busy life with three children. While driving to work she reached for her ringing cellphone, and lost control of the vehicle. Her life as she knew it was altered. Leaving her with brain damage, she was later diagnosed with a neurological disorder called left neglect due to the brain injury. Through aggressive physiotherapy she fought to regain some semblance of normalcy and reinvented her life. On a more positive note, Sarah rekindles a long lost relationship with her mother.

Risa's Review

The truth is I learned more about a neurological disorder that I never knew anything about until reading the book. Also, we all know we should never reach for cell phones or text while driving, an unfortunate lesson that was learned the hard way. But all in all this was a good book. 

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