Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Christmas Box: Richard Paul Evans

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In preparation for Christmas!

Main Characters:

Richard: husband and owner of formal wear shop
Keri: wife and co-owner of formal wear shop
Jenna: Richard and Kerri's daughter 
Mary Parkin: rich widow

Pages: 125


Richard and Keri wanted to move into a larger living space but could not afford it. One day they stumbled upon an ad in the local paper placed by a wealthy widow, Mary, wanting someone to cook for her and keep her company in exchange for board. Richard and his wife agreed to do so. While moving in Richard came across what was known to be a Christmas Box that was beautifully crafted and held hand written letters. Throughout the families stay they became closer and closer to Mary. Sadly, Mary becomes terminally ill but before she passes she leaves the family with an important message. 

What did Mary teach?

Risa's Review
A great quick Christmas story to read. Sad, but has a very good message.

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