Sunday, December 16, 2012

Safe Haven: Nicholas Sparks

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Main Characters:

- Erin/Katie: abused
- Kevin: Erin's (Katie's) husband; abuser
- Jo: Katie's friend
- Alex: general store owner, widow
- Carly: Alex's late wife
- Kristen: Alex's daughter
- Josh: Alex's son

Pages: 340


Erin has been longing to leave her abusive husband but in the past every time she's tried he's found out but this time is different. She finally musters up enough courage to escape the relationship by stealing someone else's identity and changing her appearance. Throughout her journey she faces varying obstacles and meets new people along the way, Alex for example whom she falls madly in love with. Complications arise as their romance unfolds and the suspense keeps you wanting more.

Will Erin stay alive and live happily ever after?

Risa's Review

Really great book! Starts out a bit sad but definitely turns out to be more positive. The audience sees how Erin really changes and grows into the character of a strong determined lady. A very inspiring novel, would definitely recommend. Also, the movie comes out in February 2013 so get reading.

I'd really appreciate my viewer's comments! Don't be shy! I'm always open to book recomendations as well! Thanks :D

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Christmas Box: Richard Paul Evans

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In preparation for Christmas!

Main Characters:

Richard: husband and owner of formal wear shop
Keri: wife and co-owner of formal wear shop
Jenna: Richard and Kerri's daughter 
Mary Parkin: rich widow

Pages: 125


Richard and Keri wanted to move into a larger living space but could not afford it. One day they stumbled upon an ad in the local paper placed by a wealthy widow, Mary, wanting someone to cook for her and keep her company in exchange for board. Richard and his wife agreed to do so. While moving in Richard came across what was known to be a Christmas Box that was beautifully crafted and held hand written letters. Throughout the families stay they became closer and closer to Mary. Sadly, Mary becomes terminally ill but before she passes she leaves the family with an important message. 

What did Mary teach?

Risa's Review
A great quick Christmas story to read. Sad, but has a very good message.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Left Neglected: Lisa Genova

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Main Characters:

- Bob: Sarah's husband; career driven; supportive 
- Sarah: Career driven; mother of three  
- Sarah's Mother 

Pages: 336


Sarah had everything. Great job, supportive husband and a full and busy life with three children. While driving to work she reached for her ringing cellphone, and lost control of the vehicle. Her life as she knew it was altered. Leaving her with brain damage, she was later diagnosed with a neurological disorder called left neglect due to the brain injury. Through aggressive physiotherapy she fought to regain some semblance of normalcy and reinvented her life. On a more positive note, Sarah rekindles a long lost relationship with her mother.

Risa's Review

The truth is I learned more about a neurological disorder that I never knew anything about until reading the book. Also, we all know we should never reach for cell phones or text while driving, an unfortunate lesson that was learned the hard way. But all in all this was a good book. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

True Colors: Kristin Hannah

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Main Characters: 
- Dallas: hired as a helping hand around the Gray's farm

- Vivi Ann Grey: free sprited, always believed in true love
- Winona Grey: successful lawyer, goal was to always please her father

- Aurora Grey: the mediator, thinks things through

- Henry Grey: cares about what the town thinks of him and his family 
- Cat Morgan: trouble
- Luke: Winona's "friend"

The Grey Sisters (Vivi Ann, Winnona, and Aurora) have always been close sisters. Throughout their journey they each have their own struggles. Winnona constantly longs for her father to be proud of her. Aurora is involved in an unhappy marriage and Vivi Ann falls in love with a less than ideal partner. Do their own struggles tear their sisterly bond apart? Does Winnona ever please her father? Will Aurora be forever stuck in an unhappy marriage? Is Vivi Ann being lead astray?

Whose true colors will show?

Risa's Review
Well I didn't cry at this book! Haha It was another great book! Like Kristin Hannah's other book you just get so emersed in the setting and characters you feel as though it is all very true. Read this book if you are looking for twists and turns.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Key Lime Pie Murder: Joanne Fluke

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Main Characters:

Hannah Swenson: baker, sleuth
- Mike Kingston: detective, Hanna’s boyfriend
- Norman Rhodes: dentist, Hanna’s boyfriend
- Michelle: Hannah’s sister
- Lisa: Hannah’s sister
- Willa Sunquist: teacher, victim

Pages: 342


The Tri-County fair in Lake Eden Minnesota has more than just baking contests, games and rides going on.  Throw in a murder and you’ve got Hannah Swenson, full-time baker extraordinaire and sleuth investigating the murder of fellow baking judge Willa Sunquist.  Discover Willa’s well kept secret and the motive for her murder as Hannah, her sisters, Mike, and Norman attempt to expose the murderer.

Risa's Review

Key Lime Pie Murder is one in a series of Hannah Swenson murder mysteries. I picked it up to read on another person’s recommendation. For me, I was expecting more in the way of suspense and intrigue.  Perhaps, if I read another in the series, giving the author another chance to impress me, I would feel differently.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Firefly Lane: Kristin Hannah

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Main Characters:

- Tully Hart: free spirited, beautiful, ambitious  
- Katie Mularky: uncool, all she wants is to fall in love
- Johnny Ryan: producer

Pages: 479


Tully Hart is abandoned by her drug abusing mother at a very young age. Katie Mularky has a loving family. Tully moves into the house accross from Katie on Firefly Lane where they cross paths and build to be what becomes a life long friendship. Through thick and thin they are always by each others side. Tully is ambitious and dreams of becoming a reporter, to be rich and famous. Kate just wants someone to love.

See if their dreams come true! Let the story of TullyandKate take you away as you embark on their journey together!

Risa's Review:

WOW! This book was phenomenal! Very well written! Just when you think the drama has subsided Hannah throws a curve ball. You know, when I was in junior high someone told me they cried at Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I wondered how it was possible to cry while reading a novel. Now I know! Have a box of Kleenex handy, you're going to need it! This is a MUST MUST MUST read! :D

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Time Keeper: Mitch Albom

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Main Characters:

- Sarah Lemon: teenager
- Victor Delmont: wealthy mid 80's man dying of cancer who needs more time 
- Grace: Victor's Wife
- Dor: always counting, measures
- Ali: Dor's wife
- Nim: powerful king 

Pages:  208


Imagine a life without time. It's impossible!

Dor is married to Ali. Nim is the ruler of their city. Nim warned Dor if Dor didn't allow Nim to use his measurements in his castle then Dor and his family would have to leave. Nim was in the process of building a tower so he could climb to the heavens and rule the world. Nim banished both Ali and Dor from the city. They spent their life in seclusion living far away. One day a homeless couple encountered Dor and Ali. The woman was diseased but Ali, full of humility, sat with the lady and offered her food. Later, Ali fell sick. Dor wishes he had not devoted all of his life to counting time. Ali is dying.

Dor climbs Nim's tower where he becomes entrapped in a cave where voices of people from all around the world flood in. All those voices are wanting more time. Dor will not be free until he completes his assigned mission. He must help two people on earth. One, Sarah Lemon who wants to end her life because of the ridicule she faces from peers. Another, Victor Delemonte who wants more time, as he is dying of terminal cancer.     

Will Dor complete his mission in time and be freed? 

Risa's Review:

If you are looking for a quick, compelling read, this one's for you! This is another one of Mitch Albom's bestseller's. This book left me contemplating my own life. There are day's where all I do is rush. But it's important to take time and enjoy life's surroundings as you never know just what tomorrow brings.

Read this book and let me know what you think! I'm happy to discuss!